Becoming Q-Audit

June 7, 2017

Henry Ford was fond of saying that “quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” We couldn’t agree more. Part of our remit is to give organisations a feeling of confidence in their management systems, so that quality becomes second nature.

Our journey to becoming Q-Audit has been an exciting one encompassing almost twenty-five years of experience in the healthcare sectors in Australia and New Zealand.

We first began operating as Health Audit Group in 1993. Since then we’ve established ourselves as one of the most trustworthy bodies around when it comes to auditing the complicated standards which govern the health, medical and care industry.

So why the name change?

We became Q-Audit in 2017. The name change more accurately reflects who we are.

The ‘Q’ stands for Quality. Our mission is to be true ‘Purveyors of Quality’ across the breadth of the healthcare sector. You will notice it stands above –AUDIT in our new logo, which denotes its importance in the hierarchy of our core mission. The strong typeface creates an authoritative presence.

We are definitely not an auditing group that just goes through the motions. One of the hallmarks of our work is to collaborate with organisations’ management to manifest real change from the inside out.

Some auditors have been slow to adapt recent technological advantages. We’re on it – in fact, we continually innovate and have harnessed digital advances to improve our work.

The health industry itself has finally entered the digital age. We’re confident that we can assist a broad range of organisations transition their processes so that they are taking advantage of the tools at their disposal.


The blue of our logo and beautifully dynamic new website design symbolises the trust that we have built up over the years, as well as the values which we live by:

We demonstrate integrity, respect and teamwork.

We have energy, enthusiasm and the courage to lead.

We build relationships based on doing the right thing.

We look forward to working with the Australian healthcare sector to improve quality and ensure that important organisations are performing at their peak.