Getting Ready for the NDIS as a Service Provider

February 23, 2018 Resources

If you’re a disability service provider and you’re gearing up for NDIS certification, don’t worry too much about the various processes involved. You can get all the expert help you need and make sure you’re fully prepared by following our simple guide.

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The NDIS Service Provider Requirements

The NDIS is a regulated national scheme designed to deliver top-quality services to disabled Australians. Compliance requirements are based on best practice standards of care. There are six core standards incorporated into the process.

The good news for service providers is that the NDIS registration process is also designed specifically to help service providers with delivering these standards. You’ll get all the useful advice, practical solutions and support you need from your NDIS consultants.

The NDIS Certification Process

Prior to certification, it is strongly recommended to conduct a gap analysis of services to identify any issues which may obstruct registration with the NDIS. A gap analysis will show any problems with compliance and help to create a good basis for management as an NDIS provider.

The actual NDIS certification process is carried out in stages:

  • Pre-Audit: This is the setup stage, creating the framework for assessment.
  • Formal audit: This formal audit is the process which leads to certification. This is a detailed, formal process that includes a thorough systematic check of procedures, documentation, interviews with staff and clients, and rigorous checking of provider services.
  • Post Audit: If the service provider is fully compliant, certification may proceed. If not, corrective measures will be required.

Is There a Problem?

For most Australian disability service providers, quality of care isn’t usually a problem at all. Issues are more likely to relate to administrative processes and quality standards management.

This can be difficult for always-on-the-go service providers and that’s why best practice is to call in NDIS consultants at the planning stage. Find and fix any possible problems to ensure they don’t get in the way of your NDIS certification.

The Values of Engaging NDIS Expertise

The huge advantage of working with NDIS experts is that they speak your professional language. They understand the issues that disability service providers face every day. They know how to fix problems and find working solutions for them.

From a purely business perspective, it’s always a good idea to have experts on your side when dealing with practical compliance issues of any kind. You’ll find that NDIS compliance is based entirely on practical needs and that many NDIS compliance requirements make excellent business sense.

Ask Q-Audit Australia for All the Help You Need

Q-Audit Australia can help with all aspects of NDIS certification. We provide a full suite of services for NDIS service providers, including gap analyses, practical help with compliance issues, and everything you need for certification. Call Q-Audit Australia on +61 2 9136 9449 and discuss your needs with our team.