Naming Right: Why We’ve Changed to Q-Audit.

August 21, 2017

Our names say a lot about who we are – our heritage, as well as our pathway. They can make a very strong statement about where we are going.

Which is why we’ve changed our name this year. You’ve come to know us as Health Audit Group but our name is now Q-Audit. It’s a strong name which more accurately reflects our identity and our direction.

We have no doubt that your business continues to evolve, so you’ll understand the importance of this name change. We’ve reached a place that we’re proud of. Through the hard work of our expert team, we have become a respected name in comprehensive auditing for the healthcare sector. We wanted a name that carries the authority we’ve worked so hard to earn.

The ‘Q’ in Q-Audit stands for Quality.
It’s not just a name. It’s a declaration of intent.

Our quality auditing and quality certification services to the medical, health, support and care services ensures that participating industry clients have the peace of mind that comes with knowing their business systems are in top working order.

Smarter auditing also depends on being innovative, which is why we’ve embraced technology in an industry that hasn’t always been quick to adopt digital alternatives.

This ability to adapt is also echoed in how we continually look at improving our services and streamlining our processes, so that we can improve the quality of every organisation we work with.

We are purveyors of quality. Approval from us means that an organisation has met our stringent criteria. They’re in excellent working order.

Take a look at our new logo. Have you spotted that the ‘Q’ in the new logo stands above –AUDIT? That shows its hierarchy in our organisation. Our designers have also used a strong, bold typeface that has the authority that we do. Blue is a colour that represents loyalty and trust, which we believe is reflected in our customer base.

We’re looking forward to working with you as Q-Audit. Get to know the new look us…navigate now through our beautiful new website.