Are You An NDIS Service Provider? Need Help with Compliance?

August 14, 2018 Resources

Who has ever heard of an NDIS service provider who wasn’t extremely busy? 24 hours in a day is barely enough and the sheer number of issues per day can be relentless. There is, of course, another issue – compliance. Adding compliance issues to the mix can be a real problem for service providers and the result can be an administrative and/or operational problem of epic scale.

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Realistically, most disability service providers don’t have the time or resources to divert to formal compliance management checks. NDIS service providers aim for compliance to the best of their ability, but the risk is that some compliance requirements will be submerged in the deluge of work.

The Solution Is Simple – Get Help with Your Compliance!

Engaging an approved audit agency to cover your compliance needs will bring real benefits:

Detailed Analysis of Compliance Issues

This is a very efficient process. You can manage your compliance with the help of onsite expertise. Management is kept completely briefed. Issues are clarified, and practical solutions are provided.

New Compliance Issues

Like all types of compliance, NDIS compliance evolves over time. Many new compliance requirements are driven by new care methods, technologies and service standards. Your consultants will be able to assist with these requirements.

Finding Problems Before They Become Serious

Many compliance issues are quite innocent but are still incorrect work practices. Someone may have misunderstood a compliance requirement and, while trying to comply, done something wrong. These situations are easily correctable, but it’s important to recognise that compliance is all about getting things right.

Better Operational Practices

Some compliance issues are based on old-style operational practices. The correction of issues may require some staff training, different administrative processes, etc., but the compliance review process will find and fix any issues ASAP.

Keeping Up To Date with Best Practice

“Extremely busy” also includes not having time to plan and visualize for operational upgrades. The NDIS is based on best practice; compliance simply provides a framework. Your compliance consultants will be able to assist with all aspects of your future business and services development.

For Specialist Service Providers

The compliance review process can deal with the complex issues related to specialist services, in depth and in detail. If you’re a specialist wondering whether anyone understands your work, you’ll be pleased to know that your compliance experts will be able to help with even the most obscure issues.

For General Service Providers

Arguably the busiest of the very busy service providers, general disability care services may be involved in multiple compliance streams.  This is daily work and it has to be done well. Your compliance consultants know the demands imposed on service providers and will work with you to deliver the best results.

External Audit Values

The all-important audit component in compliance management is a very valuable tool. It is effectively an external audit, impartial and fair, delivering an excellent oversight for management.

For All Your Compliance Needs, Talk to Q-Audit Australia

Q-Audit Australia is a nationwide NDIS consultancy service. We provide a full suite of services for NDIS service providers, including certification, gap analyses, and help with compliance. Call us on +61 2 9136 9449 and speak to our team about your needs.