What’s Involved in A Certification Audit?

February 19, 2018 Resources

An NDIS certification audit is a full, top-to-bottom audit process. The core of the NDIS is a highly efficient scheme, offering best practice disability services and quality standards of care. Therefore, compliance standards are clearly spelt out in detail. Achieving certification requires full compliance.

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Typically, gap analyses are carried out prior to applying for the formal certification process. These analyses are systematic checks to ensure the services provided meet these standards. It is strongly recommended that disability service providers conduct gap analyses before proceeding to the certification stage.

The Complete Certification Process

The certification process is actually quite straightforward and effective in practical terms for busy service providers trying to achieve a perfect standard.

  1. Pre-Audit

The pre-audit phase is the setup stage. At this point, the audit is planned and discussions are held with providers to arrange the working mechanics of the audit. This involves documentation, timeframes and the details of audit team allocation. This is also a consultative process to establish strong communication.

  1. The Onsite Audit Process

  1. Auditors meet staff and clients
  2. Verification of policies and procedures
  3. Examination and assessment of documentation and provider records
  4. Compliance assessment


  1. Review

The review process is based on the results of the audit. A formal report is compiled, detailing the results of the onsite audit. A peer review is also conducted to ensure quality standards. The two possible outcomes of this are certification or correction.

  1. Certification

 The service provider has met all required quality standards and is eligible for certification as an NDIS service provider.

  1. Corrective measures

If corrective measures are required, these issues are detailed in the report and the service provider works towards correcting any deficiencies accordingly.

Need to Discuss Your NDIS Certification?

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